15 Awesome Things to Do in Bremerton From Navy Museums to Theaters - Seattle Travel (2024)

Take a trip to Bremerton, Washington! It’s the largest city in Kitsap County and it’s primarily known for its Naval Shipyard. There are plenty of opportunities to learn about the Navy’s role in the Pacific Northwest here. But that barely scratches the surface of all the things to do in Bremerton.

The city has a thriving arts culture and tons of outdoor activities. It has unique markets and exciting hole-in-the-wall restaurants and shops.

On nearly every visit to Bremerton, WA you’ll find something new and exciting to do. But we’ll get you started with a few tried and true options. Here are 15 awesome things to do in Bremerton, Washington that you don’t want to miss.

Puget Sound Navy Museum

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You’ll find the Puget Sound Navy Museum in the historic Building 50 right near the Bremerton Ferry Terminal. It’s a completely free museum with exhibits that give insight into the area’s rich naval history. It’s well worth a visit for military history fans.

Get a glimpse into life aboard aircraft carriers and submarines. Check out diving gear, model ships, and tons of interesting artifacts. Temporary exhibits have explored things like the Navy’s use of 3D printing.

Before visiting or after you leave, take a stroll through the relaxing Harborside Fountain Park. This tiny green space adjacent to the museum has cool-looking fountains that resemble submarines.

Seefilm Cinemas

One of the best places to catch a movie in Bremerton, WA is Seefilm Cinemas. This standout theater in downtown Bremerton is clean and contemporary. It has easy parking, friendly staff, and a showing for everyone.

If you’re visiting on a date night, buy a ticket for a movie in their VIP Lounge. This adults-only, 21+ lounge has larger seats and you can enjoy beer or wine as you watch your movie.

Seefilm also offers sensory-friendly movie screenings, which are perfect for kids or others who don’t want to sit still during a showing. Budgeters should come out to see a movie on “Tightwad Tuesdays,” when every ticket is only $6.

El Balcon

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Pay El Balcon a visit when you come to Bremerton. This restaurant is a local favorite and whether you’re in town for lunch or dinner, you’ll be in for a treat. El Balcon serves flavorful and perfectly prepared El Salvadorean and Mexican food.

You have to order the pupusas, which is one thing they’re well known for. They have a variety of options for this dish, but do yourself a favor and get the spicy spinach and cheese or pork and cheese. Another excellent option is the garlic shrimp burrito which is generously loaded with shrimp.

If you’re visiting for the first time and can’t decide what to get, try one of their combos (any with the pastelito are delicious). And whatever you do, don’t forget to grab a horchata too.

Roxy Theatre

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The historic Roxy Theater is always buzzing with energy. This 80-year-old arthouse theater plays a variety of independent movies and doubles as a concert and performance venue. It’s located downtown between a museum and a brewery.

Come to see thoughtfully curated movies or watch comedy performances, live music, and drag shows. The ticket prices vary based on what you’re there to watch, but they’re reasonable for a cozy and intimate experience in a historic theater. On top of typical movie concession fare, you can also grab beer or wine to enjoy during the show.

Bremerton Vintage Flea Market

Antique lovers, vintage shoppers, and thrifty buyers who love a good deal should visit the Bremerton Vintage Flea Market. It’s open every Saturday all year round, and there are over 25 vendors with fun, curated goods to peruse. Find vinyl, home decor, art, furniture, trinkets, and more. If shopping makes you hungry, never fear. There’s always a food truck posted up outside, so you can grab a snack and then continue shopping to your heart’s content.

USS Turner Joy Museum

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Head to the USS Turner Joy Museum to see one of Bremerton’s most unique sites. The museum is literally a ship on the water! It was once a naval destroyer that’s since been retired, permanently moored, and converted into an educational attraction.

Visitors can take a self-guided tour or book one with the museum. There’s a lot to explore both above and below deck and plenty of informative write-ups to help you understand what you’re looking at. Check out the navigation room, engine room, living quarters, weapons control, and more.

Keep in mind that there is some climbing involved on the ship and some of the ladders are a bit steep. If heights or tight spaces make you nervous, you may want to reconsider a visit.

Green Mountain

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Green Mountain is a great hiking spot in Bremerton. It’s only 30 minutes from downtown and it has about 16 miles worth of trails. Green Mountain is open to hikers, mountain bikers, motorcyclists, and horseback riders.

The hiking trails differ in length, but one of the most popular is the Gold Creek Trail. This one is moderate in difficulty, about 5 miles round trip, and has 1,000 feet of elevation gain.

Green Mountain has a working forest where timber is harvested. That said, some parts of the trails may not be as scenic as other hikes around the Pacific Northwest. Still, you can expect great views from the top. You might see Seattle, the Olympics, and even Mount Rainier if it’s clear out!

Bremerton Blackberry Festival

Blackberries are abundant in Washington State, so it makes sense that there’s a whole festival dedicated to the fruit. The annual Bremerton Blackberry Festival takes place on the Bremerton Boardwalk over Labor Day Weekend, and it’s a whole lot of fun.

The event features hundreds of vendors, live bands, and other entertainment for kids and adults. The best part, of course, is the food and drinks. Enjoy blackberry wine, co*cktails, lemonade, funnel cakes, ice cream, and more! If you love blackberries, you’ll certainly get your fill of them here.

Admiral Theatre

If you want to watch an incredible performance in Bremerton, Washington, go to a show at Admiral Theatre. This performance hall hosts concerts, comedy shows, and other unique events, like an 80s prom-themed dance party! Needless to say, performances are top-notch and unique in variety.

Snag tickets for a spot on the main floor if you want to enjoy dinner and drinks while you watch. There’s table seating on the main floor, and you’ll be able to order something tasty from a limited menu before the show starts. Still, whether you’re sitting on the main floor or up on the balcony, expect to have a good time. There’s not a bad seat in the house!

Illahee State Park

Illahee State Park is in a waterside state park that’s a great place to go for people new to camping. There are 23 campsites at the park. This campground may feel less intimidating than somewhere further out because it’s so close to Bremerton proper.

Camping isn’t the only activity you can do here, though. Visit the beach at low tide to go oyster digging or crabbing, two of the most fun activities in the park. You can also fish or swim when it’s warm out. While spending time by the water, watch for seals and other waterfowl that like to hang around the park.

Bremerton Boardwalk

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If you’re coming to Bremerton via the ferry, you’ll be let off right along the Bremerton Boardwalk. This is a good spot to stretch your legs before venturing off on some more city exploration.

The Bremerton Boardwalk is a pretty path that runs alongside the water. Watch the ferries return or leave from the terminal, catch the foot ferry to Port Orchard, or simply enjoy pretty views across the water. Several festivals, including the Bremerton Blackberry Festival, are held along the boardwalk. There are also nearby restaurants serving everything from ice cream to seafood.

Evergreen Rotary Park

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Take your kids to the playground at Evergreen Rotary Park! It’s one of the best playgrounds in Bremerton. The playground is large, varied, and accessible with all sorts of fun activities for children of all abilities.

The park is nestled up against the water with a spot for a boat launch and a fun beach to explore. There’s also a basketball court, a dock for fishing, and plenty of space for picnics. On Thursday evenings from May to October, the park hosts the Bremerton Farmers Market, a great place to stock up on produce from local farmers.

Illahee Preserve

Come to the Illahee Preserve to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This peaceful preserve is just over 450 acres and it’s completely free to visit. Enjoy a nature walk along its many trails, but make sure to bring a map or GPS. It can be easy to get lost. The preserve is dog-friendly, so bring your pup or expect to see a lot of dogs on the trail. The trails here are well-maintained and they would also be great for kids to do some nature exploration.


Cross the Manette Bridge from downtown Bremerton where you’ll find the Manette neighborhood. This charming community was once a town before it was incorporated into Bremerton. It manages to retain some charm of that small-town charm and has a cute little downtown area of its own.

In Manette, you’ll find a collection of great spots to eat at and cute shops to check out. Get delicious Italian food at La Fermata or enjoy top-tier Thai cuisine at Khao Soi. If you visit in the morning, do not miss the chance to line up and grab some pastries and coffee at Saboteur Bakery.

Valentinetti Puppet Museum

Valentinetti Puppet Museum is a hidden gem in Bremerton and it’s exactly what it sounds like – a museum dedicated to puppets. Here you’ll find numerous displays of artfully made dolls (and creatures) from all over the world. The museum explores the history behind puppeteering and the people who created the puppets.

The small museum is completely free to visit, though you can leave a donation. And even if you think the puppets are creepy, fascinating (or both), you’ll find the museum super informative. You’ll leave knowing a lot more about puppetry than before.

There are so many awesome things to do in Bremerton and these are just a few of them. On any return visit, you can find something new to explore in this lively city, and these are all great places to get started!

15 Awesome Things to Do in Bremerton From Navy Museums to Theaters - Seattle Travel (2024)
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