18 Best Things to Do in Bremerton, Washington (2024)

Bremerton sits on the Kitsap Peninsula, overlooking the shimmering waters of the Puget Sound. A city with strong links to Seattle, Bremerton is well-known for its charming neighborhood restaurants and coffee shops, it's beautiful parks, and its fascinating naval museums. You'll find plenty to do to pass the time in Bremerton, WA, with visitors of all ages able to enjoy the city’s scenic nature trails and family-friendly eateries.

  • USS Turner Joy Museum Ship
  • Puget Sound Navy Museum
  • Manette Bridge
  • Illahee State Park
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1.USS Turner Joy Museum Ship

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A striking vessel and one of the most iconic landmarks in all of Bremerton, the USS Turner Joy was first launched back in 1958, spending many years at sea before eventually being decommissioned and renovated into a unique naval museum. Guests can enjoy one-to-two-hour tours of this historic ship, exploring the various decks and cabins, led along by a professional guide who can answer any questions you might have. Tours of USS Turner Joy are a wonderful way for visitors to step back in time and experience a real piece of US naval history.

300 Washington Beach Avenue, Bremerton, WA 98337, Phone: 360-792-2457

2.Puget Sound Navy Museum

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© Puget Sound Navy Museum

Bremerton is a city with a lot of naval history behind it, and visitors can learn all about the naval heritage of the entire Pacific Northwest region at the Puget Sound Navy Museum. This self-guided museum features a wide range of both permanent and temporary exhibits, all based around naval history. With a rotating array of artifacts, photos, and other displays, there’s always something new and interesting around the next corner. The museum is fully free to enter and open all year long. It also features a gift shop and an area designed especially for children.

251 1st Street, Bremerton, WA 98337, Phone: 360-479-7447

3.Manette Bridge

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One of the city's proudest landmarks, this bridge connects the cities of Bremerton and Manette, passing over the Port Washington Narrows. The bridge is located some 82 feet above the water's surface and has a long and storied history, dating all the way back to 1930. Before the bridge was built, a ferry service connected Bremerton and Manette, and anyone who missed the ferry had to take a very long detour. Originally a timber bridge, the Manette Bridge has been enhanced with steel and concrete over the years. It was also once a toll bridge, but has been toll-free for many decades now.

Manette Bridge, Bremerton, WA 98337

4.Illahee State Park

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An 82-acre state park situated in the quaint hamlet of Illahee, which is just outside East Bremerton, Illahee State Park is a popular place with families and groups of friends. A great place for all kinds of outdoor activities, Illahee State Park offers a lot of appeal to nature enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers. Both summer and winter activities can be found here, with many people visiting this state park for boating, hiking, water sports, paragliding, metel detecting, and geocaching. More weekend getaways from Seattle

3540 NE Sylvan Way, Bremerton, WA 98310, Phone: 360-478-6460

5.Kitsap Forest Theater

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It's highly likely that most visitors will have never seen anything quite like the Kitsap Forest Theater. Situated just 7 miles west of Downtown Bremeerton, the Kitsap Forest Theater is one of the oldest forest theaters in the whole of the United States, dating all the way back to 1928. Surrounded by a beautiful Rhododendron Preserve that stretches out across of hundreds of acres, the Kitsap Forest Theater is a fairy tale haven for guests to come and experience magical performances in both spring and summer. Summer camps are also held here, and there are glamping and camping opportunities nearby.

3000 Seabeck Highway NW, Bremerton, WA 98312, Phone: 206-542-7815

6.Purple Scent Lavender Farm

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© Purple Scent Lavender Farm

A popular tourist attraction for Bremerton visitors, Purple Scent Lavender Farm is an entirely lavender-focused farm selling dried lavender, lavender bud, bath and body products fragranced with lavender, and other products based around this beautiful purple plant. Open all through the summer when the lavender flowers really start to bloom, Purple Scent Lavender Farm offers U-Pick and farm tours. Guests of all ages are welcome to roam around the lavender fields and pick their own flowers to take back home. There's also a boutique selling all the different lavender products. This picturesque farm is also a popular wedding venue.

5400 Chico Way NW, Bremerton, WA 98312, Phone: 360-308-9867

7.Aurora Valentinetti Puppet Museum

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© Aurora Valentinetti Puppet Museum

One of the more unique attractions in the city of Bremerton, the Aurora Valentinetti Puppet Museum is open most days of the week throughout the year and offers an affordable and fun day out for the whole family. Visitors will be treated to various exhibits and displays of puppets from the past, each with their own styles and personalities. The Aurora Valentinetti Puppet Museum offers full tours and puppet workshops for visitors ranging from preschool-age up to full-grown adults. There's a large children's play area for little ones to play around with the puppets and even put their own shoes, as well as a spacious and colorful gift shop complete with puppets and puppet-related items.

280 4th Street, Bremerton, WA 98337, Phone: 360-479-6226

8.Green Mountain

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Situated within Green Mountain State Forest, Green Mountain is just seven miles outside of Downtown Bremerton and is a popular place for locals and tourists looking for some peace and quiet in natural surroundings, as well as some breath-taking views. It's the second highest point on the Kitsap Peninsula, standing at an elevation of 1,639 feet above sea level. A roundtrip hike up and down Green Mountain runs for about five miles and isn't a particular difficult walk, so should be suitable for most people, including families with children and dogs.

Olympic Peninsula, Kitsap Peninsula, Phone: 206-625-1367

9.Bremerton Community Theatre

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What was once a humble drama program formed during the latter years of World War II to give the local community a little hope and happiness has now grown into one of the longest-running arts groups in Washington State. Bremerton Community Theatre is a fine place to catch a show, including everything from classic Shakespearean plays to performances of popular stories like The Wizard of Oz and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. With decades of history behind it and a lot of passionate people working both behind the scenes and on the stage itself, this theatre really embodies the spirit of Bremerton.

599 Lebo Boulevard, Bremerton, WA 98310, Phone: 360-373-5152

10.Family Pancake House

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© Family Pancake House

Running since 1963, with several locations all around Washington State, Family Pancake House is one of the most popular family eateries in Bremerton. Family owned and operated, this restaurant is famous for its very friendly service and high-quality food, with the pancakes clearly being the stars of the show. The menu serves up a range of classic comfort food and American fare, with pies, steaks, sandwiches, and salads, as well as a range of delicious entrées including seafood, pasta, and various meat dishes. There’s a separate menu for children, and Family Pancake House serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with pancakes available at any time of day.

4115 Wheaton Way, Bremerton, WA 98310, Phone: 360-479-0788

11.Horse and Cow Pub and Grill

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© Horse and Cow Pub and Grill

Situated in the heart of Bremerton, the Horse and Cow Pub and Grill is very popular with the locals and attracts a lot of Bremerton visitors too. Having been running since the 1950s, this place has been a real home away from home for generations of people and is especially beloved by the Naval community. Fittingly, the whole place is decorated with a marine theme, with all kinds of submarine artifacts and other unique decorations lining the ways. Visitors will find typical pub fare here, with the likes of wings, tacos, mini burgers, and sampler platters. More day trips from Seattle

536 4th Street, Bremerton, WA 98337, Phone: 360-627-9843

12.Brother Don's

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© Brother Don's

A family owned and operated restaurant and bar that has been running since the late 1970s, Brother Don's offers lovely views out over Oyster Bay and is one of the liveliest spots to grab something to eat or drink in Bremerton. Local bands and singers perform live concerts here all through the week, with a wide variety of genres on display from classic country to rock and blues. As for the food, the menu is filled with all kinds of tempting treats from health salads to mouth-watering burgers, steaks, sandwiches, and award-winning pizzas.

4200 Kitsap Way, Bremerton, WA 98312, Phone: 360-377-8442

13.Silver City Brewery

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© Silver City Brewery

The Pacific Northwest is home to some fine breweries, and the Silver City Brewery is an excellent example. Established in 1996 and still locally owned and operated, Silver City Brewery produces small-batch, handcrafted beers. You can find these beers in a lot of restaurants and bars all over Washington State. The Bremerton brewery location offers full tours and guided experiences of the brewery, as well as tastings of rare brews that simply cannot be found anywhere else. There's also a full Taproom with its own Happy Hour and special events, and guests are encouraged to bring their own snacks along for good times with their friends and families.

206 Katy Penman, Bremerton, WA 98312, Phone: 360-813-1487

14.Bremerton Community Farmer’s Market

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Not only does the Bremerton Community Farmer’s Market contribute to the health and wellbeing of the Bremerton Community by offering easy access to fresh and healthy food, it also actively assists local farmers and producers to easily market their goods. The market is set up under the trees and along the edge of the beach in the Evergreen Rotary Park every Thursday evening from May to October. This is where the community comes to meet and socialize, stock up on fresh produce and enjoy great food from a variety of vendors. In addition there are a number of fun events including the Chef at the Market cookery demonstrations and the Kids Market Bucks Club. Visitors are welcome to join in.

Bremerton Community Farmer’s Market, Evergreen Park, Bremerton, WA 98337

15.Admiral Theatre

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Bremerton visitors can add some great musical entertainment to their visit by attending a show or two at the historic Admiral Theatre. The theatre started off as a popular movie house back in 1942; it was fully brought into the 20th century when it underwent a major renovation in 2017. These days the theatre presents upwards of 100 diverse performances each year. These usually include around 60 professional shows and 50 community performances as well as a 2-week music summer camp for children. You can visit their website to see what showing and to book your tickets online to avoid disappointment.

Admiral Theatre, 515 Pacific Ave, Bremerton, WA 98337, 360-932-3056

16.Gold Mountain Golf Club

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© Gold Mountain Golf Club

Playing a round or two at the Gold Mountain Golf Course should be a must-do activity on every golfer’s Bremerton itinerary. The golf club offers two brilliant courses where you can test your skills. The original 18-hole Cascade Course opened in 1971 is a fairly level walkable course, offering tree-lined fairways and golfer-friendly greens. The Olympic Course opened in 1996 and has hosted several golfing championships. This course is a little more undulating and offers an exciting and challenging game for all levels of ability. The course offers lessons for adults and children, a well-stocked Pro Shop and The Restaurant at Gold Mountain for drinks and meals.

Gold Mountain Golf Club, 7263 W Belfair Valley Road, Bremerton, WA 98310,360-415-5432

17.Bug Museum and Nature Gift Shop

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© Bug Museum and Nature Gift Shop

Visitors who are looking for budget-friendly family attractions in Bremerton will be happy to know that the Bug and Reptile Museum and Nature Gift Shop offers free entry to everyone, every day. The interesting museum has 15 child-friendly exhibits to explore as well as a large collection of assorted bugs of all sizes and shapes. While many are preserved under glass, there are many live bugs and reptiles which call the center home. You can get up close to them and learn a host of interesting facts about their behaviors. You can also see some bugs up close under a microscope and watch ants at work in the giant art farm. Finally, you can pick up some “buggy” merchandise in the gift shop.

Bug Museum and Nature Gift Shop, 1118 Charleston Beach Road W, Bremerton, WA 98312

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18 Best Things to Do in Bremerton, Washington:

  • 1. USS Turner Joy Museum Ship
  • 2. Puget Sound Navy Museum
  • 3. Manette Bridge
  • 4. Illahee State Park
  • 5. Kitsap Forest Theater
  • 6. Purple Scent Lavender Farm
  • 7. Aurora Valentinetti Puppet Museum
  • 8. Green Mountain
  • 9. Bremerton Community Theatre
  • 10. Family Pancake House
  • 11. Horse and Cow Pub and Grill
  • 12. Brother Don's
  • 13. Silver City Brewery
  • 14. Bremerton Community Farmer’s Market
  • 15. Admiral Theatre
  • 16. Gold Mountain Golf Club
  • 17. Bug Museum and Nature Gift Shop

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18 Best Things to Do in Bremerton, Washington (2024)
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