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…has undergone a rebirth and renaissance in recent years - creating a cultural, artistic, and culinary center of gravity for the Kitsap community and visitors from beyond the Peninsula. Walking along the streets of downtown Bremerton is an immersion in maritime and naval culture mixed with a diverse array of galleries, shops, breweries, theaters, and restaurants.

Bremerton is Kitsap County’s largest city, its downtown is spread across several blocks and will most likely require several visits to thoroughly experience the full magnitude of this eclectic waterfront area. Given its close proximity to downtown Seattle + Port Orchard via the ferry transit systems, it’s quite walkable from both Seattle and Port Orchard. This makes it a wonderful Kitsap Peninsula waterfront to explore on foot - a perfect date, family adventure, or solo exploration location. Those with an interest in our maritime history and naval spirit will enjoy the Historic USS Turner Joy - a naval destroyer turned public museum - along with the Kitsap History Museum exhibiting our Kitsap heritage and history, as well as the Puget Sounds Navy Museum where our PNW naval heritage is on full display right next door to our bustling naval shipyard. The foodie will swoon over the restaurants & cafes that line 4th + Pacific Ave and the beer lover will make a beeline for the craft brews at Dog Days Brewing.

Let’s explore some highlights of Downtown Bremerton…starting with the Admiral Theatre, our partner for this article.

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Admiral Theatre • Fritz Fry House• El Balcon • Another Castle Arcade • Yoko Yoko Ramen • Collective Visions Gallery • Cups Espresso & Cafe • Ashley’s Pub • Bigfoots House of Vinyl • Game Wizard and Blue Sky Hobbies • Mystic MVMT • Quarters Arcade • Dog Days Brewing • Axe and Arrow Gastropub • Historic Roxy Theatre • Anthony’s at Sinclair Inlet

VISIT: Explore (the new) Downtown Bremerton — Love Kitsap (1)

515 Pacific Avenue | @admiral_theatre

For nearly 80 years, the Admiral Theatre has entertained Kitsap audiences with top-tier live performances and the 2022-2023 season is no different with performances by The Robert Cray Band, Lyle Lovett & John Hiatt, Jefferson Starship, The Guess Who and many, many more! TheAdmiral Theatre Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization responsible for operating and preserving this historic landmark. As Kitsap County's largest nonprofit performing arts and events center, the Admiral Theatre's mission is to enrich our local communities through the arts, cultural education, and entertainment. From anniversaries and weddings to reunions, retirement celebrations, high school proms and graduations, and more - the Admiral Theatre is Kitsap’s premier events and live entertainment venue. Recently we listed some of our favorite Admiral Theatre date nights itineraries in this inspo article.

Photos courtesy of the Admiral Theatre Foundation and Eric Morgensen Photography

Fritz Fry House

435 Pacific Ave

Once you experience the french fries at Fritz Fry House, they will forever hold a special place in your heart. And while there are dozens of rave reviews for their juicy, mouth watering smash burgers (that have the perfect amount of char), what we go crazy for is the large variety of dipping sauces! With options like curry ketchup, curry mayo, red pepper parmesan, smoked paprika mayo, jalapeño mayo, wasabi garlic mayo, sweet chili, thai peanut, (along with all the usual options we’re used to having), we’d bet choosing just a couple of these heavenly options will be the hardest decision you make all day!

el balcon

190 Pacific Ave | @elbalconbremerton2012

El Balcon became an absolute favorite of downtown neighbors + visitors alike in its previous (tiny) space on Pacific Ave. Passersby would often come upon their front door propped open and a long line of customers on the sidewalk waiting to order perfectly seared fried plantains, cheesy papusas, or a savory street taco. Recently they’ve expanded from their walk-up location to a much larger space just a few blocks away, now occupying the former Bremerton Bar + Grill. This El Salvadoran family-owned restaurant has retained all the finger-licking qualities of its old walk-up space, and are still collecting a never-ending assortment of reviews that go something like ‘It's some of the best food I've had in my life!’ and quite honestly, we couldn’t say it any better!

Another Castle Arcadeedition

305 Pacific Ave | @anothercastlearcadeedition

From the outside, it looks like you’re about to step into a life-size arcade game and what awaits you on the inside is pinball, beer - and if you’re lucky - karaoke! Home to all of the cult classic arcade and pinball machines from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, with a staff team that is well known for their rousing hospitality. Another Castle is a great spot to grab a quick beer and a few moments of hang time before a show or it can just as easily morph into your preferred choice for a fun evening with friends.

Yoko Yoko Ramen

315 Pacific Ave | @yokoyoko_ramen

Crave-worthy traditional Japanese ramen is what Yoko Yoko does best! Rich, savory, fresh and complex - Yoko Yoko’s ramen selection will have you slurping for more. Not just ramen, Yoko Yoko has a full bar featuring a superb sake and Japanese whiskey selection and also serves a range of menu items such as steak, katsu, Japanese curry, mochi and so much more.

Collective Visions Gallery

331 Pacific Ave | @cvgbremerton

Collective Visions Gallery beckons passersby with its large windows that give a glimpse of the treasures within. Collective Visions is a co-op gallery - artist-owned and operated - currently representing works by about 20 Puget Sound artists. An association of West Sound Professional Artists working together to expand awareness of contemporary visual art, creating space for local art sales, and they are also one of the initial art spaces in Bremerton to institute the monthly First Friday Art Walks back in the mid-’90s.

Cups Espresso & Cafe

409 Pacific Ave Suite 201 | @cupsespresso

Cups brings handcrafted espresso, breakfast, sandwiches, wraps, salads, acai bowls, & ice cream to downtown Bremerton. Cups Espresso & Cafe is cozy, yummy and perfectly poised on Pacific Ave to keep you caffeinated and your tummy happy!

ashley’s pub

409 Pacific Ave Suite 101 | @ashleyspub

Ashley’s offers a selection of beer, cider, and other yummy adult beverages all in a casual atmosphere perfect for relaxing with some friends. Ashley’s Pub welcomes beer lovers and gamers with a huge selection of board games, microbrews, ciders, and wine. If you’re not sure where to start, ask for the bartender’s choice to get a game started quickly.Peruse their house snacks, bring in your own food, or place a to-go order from any of the local restaurants within walking distance! It feels more like you're visiting your friend's house than a pub if your friend had a never-ending assortment of beers and games!

Bigfoot's House of Vinyl

409 Pacific Ave Suit 204 | @bigfoots_house_of_vinyl

Maybe the only Sasquatch you’ll find in downtown Brem! Bigfoot’s is known for their hard to find and rare vinyl records in a fun, casual atmosphere. Get your fix for music and memorabilia and make good use of their friendly and knowledgeable staff. Browse every conceivable genre and grab some vinyl for your collection!

Game Wizard and Blue Sky Hobbies

603 4th Street

For hobbyists and gamers Game Wizard and Blue Sky Hobbies is a very special place indeed. Specializing in strategic gaming and performance radio control, the shop offers the discerning hobbyist everything they need. With over 4,000 square feet of space, GW&BSH carries a wide variety of hobby quality products and offers a hobby area that includes 10 large tables for gaming or RC building and 6 auxiliary tables suitable for cards, painting, or planning that next amazing project. So drop on by and grab a drink from their full service espresso bar!

mystic mvmt

619 4th Street | @mysticmvmt

A collection of local community artists and healers all under a single roof. Mystic MVMT is a gorgeous, welcoming shop carrying all things spiritual, handmade, and locally sourced. A peaceful gift shop in downtown Bremerton carrying an expansive array of candles, soaps, crystals, tarot cards, and much, much more!

Quarters Arcade

606 4th Street | @quarters_arcade

While many of the gaming spots in downtown Bremerton are 21+, Quarters caters to the entire family. With vintage pinball games for mom, state of the art racing games for dad, and all the ticket winning games a kid could want, give a nod back to your glory days when the arcade rooms at Godfather’s and Pietro’s ruled our world. When you’re wondering what to do with your kids on a rainy Saturday, this IS IT.

Dog Days Brewing

3411 Harborview Dr | @dogdaysbrewing

Veteran-owned and founded on a belief that nothing is better than enjoying a craft beer with man's (or woman’s) best friend, your dog can finally get out and stretch their legs without worrying about the hassle of attending to their craft beer drinking owners. Located in the heart of Quincey Square, right next to the Roxy Theater, the relaxed atmosphere is on point for all types of PNW beer drinkers. And similar to Ashley’s Pub, bring in your take-out from a neighborhood eatery to enjoy along with your Dog Days brew.

Axe & Arrow Gastropub

232 4th Street | @axe_and_arrow_gastropub

Loved for their locally sourced meats, fish, veggies, great atmosphere and amazing food, Axe & Arrow is always a great choice. We love their loaded fries, calamari and can’t get enough of the Elk burger & Brisket sandwich. Their bar is big and beautiful and the service is excellent. Perfect for a group of friends, a date night or just a great meal solo - Axe & Arrow is a great pre-show option before a show at the Admiral Theatre, SEEfilm or the Roxy, which is right next door to the restaurant.

Historic Roxy Theatre

270 4th Street | @bremertonroxy

Restored to its former glory, blazing neon sign and all, this 80 year old cinema house also hosts live music and events. Now a non-profit foundation, the Roxy brings a diverse selection of new films, cult classics, live music and other performances in an intimate deco-era theatre.

Anthony’s At Sinclair Inlet

20 Washington Ave | @anthonysrestsnw

Incredible marina views and fresh PNW seafood make this waterfront restaurant a downtown Bremerton staple. Joined at the hip with the ferry terminal and the convention center, Anthony’s provides an elevated atmosphere and an opportunity to sample fresh crab, oysters, mussels, salmon, halibut and so much more!

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VISIT: Explore (the new) Downtown Bremerton — Love Kitsap (2024)
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